12 de Abril de 2017

One more visited country

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I’m spending Esater in Ireland. One more country visited:

Visited countries

6 de Diciembre de 2016

John Cleese on creativity

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It was quite some time ago that I first watched this wonderful video, and I have just refreshed the memories of it.

Remember: space, time, time, confidence and 7 coin flips with consecutive heads…

10 de Abril de 2016

Un año en Aqualogy Business Software

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Rápido pasa el tiempo, y ya llevo un año en Aqualogy Business Software. Es una etapa de muchos cambios; veremos lo que está por venir.

16 de Marzo de 2016

How to build a desirable tech product

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Original source.

How difficult is to build a real attractive product! Well, how difficult is to build an interesting product. Buff, how difficult is to build just a product… Trying inside a large organization is almost impossible. The pressure to go to the market and ship it as soon as possible. The lack of contact with the end user. The decision process based on multiple assumptions and frequently on a false experience. The product manager role oversized and poorly defined. The PMs used for sales instead of being concentrated in the product…

Definitely, there are many factors playing against most companies’ honourable intention of earning money by selling the best product ever. Their interest is focused in obtaining the maximum results with the minimum investment and risk. This translates into getting the best product out of thin air and inspiration. But this rarely happens nowadays in large organizations. Well, it doesn’t happen unless they implement a clear process, with clear roles and clear functions.

Daniel Cardelús and Pablo Rodríguez present here our idea about how to build a desirable tech product, simply and straight to the point. This is something that large and mid-sized companies can take as a guide to start turning towards success in their product generation process. Or, at least, to check if they are considering all the important factors.

22 de Marzo de 2015

Back from China

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Back from China!

One more country visited:

Visited countries

An impressing country.