No USB connection for Samsung CLP-300

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This last weekend I bought a Samsung CLP-300 colour laser printer.

It is amazing how cheap these printers have become. It cost the same than my old black and white laser printer. I could have bought a b/w one for the prize of an inkjet printer!

The install process has been a problem… in no way the printer was recognized by the OS (Linux or Windows). At the end the problem was… the USB cable! It was not included in the printer package, so I bought a separate 5 meter 2.0 USB cable. It turned out to be faulty.

Apart from that, the printer is extra quick and works perfectly in Ubuntu 7.10. However, the back part of the printer gets very hot. So far I have no more complaints… version 0.4

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From today version 0.4 of is available!

Several bug fixes are included, but the most important thing is that there is more content.

I hope you like to use it.

public transports .info version 0.3

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I’ve just published version 0.3 of public transports .info.

Now you can interact, change the country or the city… just more and more lines of transport have to be added.

If you want to collaborate with the project, go ahead!

Keyboard not responding on Grub: solution

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These days I have been trying to install openSuSE to play around a bit. However, I have found an apparently impossible difficulty: when I tried to boot with the openSuSE DVD my USB keyboard was not responding.

The usual workaround is to configure the BIOS so that USB works in legacy mode, or to use a PS/2 keyboard. None of these solutions were applicable to me, as I was trying to install SuSE on a Dell model XPS-210, which doesn’t have a PS/2 connector and whose BIOS doesn’t have the right option.

My workaround has been to just update the BIOS.

I’m pretty sure that this update solves other similar issues with many Linux distributions using Grub, like Kubuntu.

public transports .info version 0.2

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Since last Saturday version 0.2 of is on-line.

Most changes have been internal or aesthetic, but be prepared to see great improvements, as I am beginning to hack PHP code!